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Klinaklini Hydroelectric Project

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Provincial EA is inactive until Kleana Power files an application in accordance with the Terms of Reference which were published March 3, 2008

Review Status BC EAO: Pre-application CEAA: Comprehensive Study
EPA Status Dropped from Clean Power Call; Selected projects

Klinaklini is a proposal to develop a hydroelectric project on the east branch of the Klinaklini River, above its
confluence with Dorothy Creek, near the head of Knight Inlet. Proposed average generating capacity will be 280 MW with 800 MW during high flow conditions. The site is located on the mainland coast, 150 km north of Campbell River. A 10.3 metre tunnel, 17.25 km long, will conduct water from the diversion point to the powerhouse. The project includes a proposed 230 kV transmission line of 180 km, with aerial crossing of Johnstone Strait, to Campbell River.

In October 2009, Pristine Power Corp. acquired a 57% controlling interest in the Klinaklini project from Kleana Power Corporation, a company of Dr. Alexander Eunall.

In May 2010, BC's Minister of Environment stated that the boundaries of Dzawadi/Upper Klinaklini River Conservancy would not be adjusted to accommodate the project, and in June, the project was dropped from BC Hydro's Clean Power Call.

In August, Pristine Power wrote off its controlling interest in the project. Presumably, ownership reverts to Kleana and Dr. Eunall. By 2011, Pristine had become a wholly owned subsidiary of Veresen Inc.

More detail is in Kleana Power's revised project description, filed with the BC EAO in November 2007.

31-May-2012 Bill 49 - Protected Areas of British Columbia Amendment Act, link
Refer to Section 8. Also, see Hansard for the same date, beginning about [1515] link. In this legislation, the BC government changed the boundaries of the Dzawadi/Upper Klinaklini River Conservancy to accommodate the First Nation, and the Klinaklini Hydroelectric Project.

10-May-2011 Da’naxda’xw/Awaetlala First Nation v. British Columbia (Environment),2011 BCSC 620, link
In this decision, Justice Fisher quashes Minister Penner's April 2010 decision.

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Kleana Power Corp. has no website. Contact: Dr. Alexander Eunall at 604-737-2929 or

BC EAO Project Info

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Application File #1412647 to ILMB, 22-Apr-2009

Application Z120635, File #1002445, to Water Stewardship Branch

Great Bear Rainforest Conservancies Map, April 2009

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