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Upper Toba Valley Hydroelectric Project

Review Status
BC EAO: Review completed, Project approved CEAA: Project approved

EPA Status: Submitted to Clean Power Call, EPA awarded

Alterra & GE (formerly, Plutonic Power Corporation & GE) proposed originally to construct three hydroelectric projects located at the head of Toba Inlet, approximately 100 km north of Powell River, BC with a total installed capacity of 133 MW. Major components included Dalgleish Creek (30 MW), Jimmie Creek (56 MW), and Upper Toba River (47 MW). The produced energy will be conveyed via approximately 2.3 km of transmission line for interconnection to the 230 kV transmission line serving the East Toba and Montrose River Hydroelectric Project. A full description of the project is included in the company's application for an Environmental Assessment

The electricity purchase agreement (EPA) signed with BC Hydro is for 124 MW from just two of the streams- Jimmie Creek and the Upper Toba River. Dalgleish Creek was excluded because capacity at the Saltery Bay substation was insufficient for the potential load.

23-May-2012 Alterra signs deal with Klahoose First Nation. link

07-Mar-2010 Magma Energy Corp and Plutonic Power Corp announce merger to form Alterra Power Corp. link

30-Apr-2010 Plutonic Power Corporation, GE Energy Financial Services, Sign Electricity Purchase Agreement with BC Hydro for Upper Toba Valley Hydroelectric Project link

07-Apr-2009 Plutonic Power Corporation: Environmental Assessment Certificate Granted for Upper Toba Valley Run-Of-River Project link

Project Info

Plutonic Project Info

BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) Project Info

CEAA: No separate federal review until Mar 16, 2009. Project approved Dec 7, 2009

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